About us

Our office starts in 1967 located in the Plaza Mayor of Palma under the direction of D. Ramón Darder Bauzá. During the first years the activity focused mainly on the insurance agency, and documentary management, but the newcomer mandatory contribution for workers made it focus more on labor advice, preparation of payroll, labor relations, contributions to the Social Security, etc. being one of the first offices of the city to carry out this work and to develop a computer program of its own of payroll process.
In 1969 the office moved to its current location on Calle San Miiguel de Palma and in 1988 we opened our offices in Sóller.
Currently, this activity continues to be extended from the 1980s to that of tax and tax advice and more recently incorporating legal advice.
Always aware of the needs that our clients demand, we extend and adapt our services offering updated solutions in matters such as compliance with data protection regulations, occupational risk prevention, digital information society or vacation rental.